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Chapter 15. Ispell

When mnoGoSearch is used with ispell support all words are normalized by both indexer and search front-end. It allows to find same words with different endings. For example, if words "testing" or "tests" are found in a document, the word "test" will be stored by indexer instead. Search front-end will also try to find the word "test" if "testing" or "tests" is given in search query. Note that this scheme lacks exact search possibility, but usually reduces database size and makes search faster.


If you add ispell support to already existing database, reindexing is required. In other case non-normalized words will not be found at all.

Two types of ispell files

MnoGoSearch understands two types of ispell files: affixes and dictionaries. Ispell affixes file contains rules for words and has approximately the following format:

Table 15.1. Flag V:

E > -E, IVE As in create > creative
[^E] > IVE As in prevent > preventive

Table 15.2. Flag *N:

E > -E, ION As in create > creation
Y > -Y, ICATION As in multiply > multiplication
[^EY] > EN As in fall > fallen

Ispell dictionary file contains words themselves and has the following format:

Table 15.3.


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