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Chapter 7. mnoGoSearch Web Configurator

mnoGoSearch Web Configurator is an ASP component of mnoGoSearch Pro for Windows. With mnoGoSearch Web Configurator it is possible to configure mnoGoSearch from a remote computer connected to Internet. It has web-based interface which you can access through your regular web browser. mnoGoSearch Web Configurator also provides scheduled indexing possibility.


mnoGoSearch Web Configurator is available only in mnoGoSearch Pro for Windows.

If you wish to upgrade to mnoGoSearch Pro for Windows go to mnoGoSearch order page.

Getting stated

To use mnoGoSearch Web Configurator you need to have Web server, e.g. Internet Information Server (IIS), on your computer. Run mnoGoSearch Pro for Windows and select Service->Setup web server. In Web server parameters window type the name of a virtual directory (MnoGoSearch by default) on web server in the Folder name string. The name of the virtual directory will be used to gain access to mnoGoSearch Web Configurator from the remote computer. The string that you can type in the address bar of your browser to reach mnoGoSearch Web Configurator may look like this:


where computer_address is the address of the machine where you have installed mnoGoSearch Pro for Windows, it can be the IP-address (e.g. or the URL; folder_name is the name of the virtual directory you've specified in Web server parameters window. For example:

Check Allow anonymous access to folder to allow access the directory without authentication.

Check Use NTLM security to use NTLM password authentication when accessing the directory.


NTLM password authentication is a secure form of authentication because the user name and password are not sent across the network. Instead the user's browser proves its knowledge of the password through a cryptographic exchange with your Web server, involving hashing. See the IIS documentation for more detail.

NTLM password authentication is currently supported only by Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 2.0 or later, and may not work over HTTP Proxy connections.

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