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Database Statistics with SQL back-end

Press Statistics button in Indexer tab to see database statistics, including count of total and expired documents of each status.

Table 6.1. Status codes

0 New (not indexed yet) URL, this one is not an HTTP response code, while the rest of the status codes are.
200 "OK" (url is successfully indexed)
301 "Moved Permanently" (redirect to another URL)
302 "Moved Temporarily" (redirect to another URL)
303 "See Other" (redirect to another URL)
304 "Not modified" (url has not been modified since last indexing)
401 "Authorization required" (use login/password for given URL)
403 "Forbidden" (you have no access to this URL(s))
404 "Not found" (there were references to URLs that do not exist)
500 "Internal Server Error" (error in cgi, etc)
503 "Service Unavailable" (host is down, connection timed out)
504 "Gateway Timeout" (read timeout when retrieving document)

HTTP 401 means that this URL is password protected. You can use set login and password for this URL(s) in Server Settings Access tab.

HTTP 404 means that you have incorrect reference in one of your document (reference to resource that does not exist).

Take a look at HTML specific documentation for further explanation at Chapter 14., HTTP codes.

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