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Here you can perform a test search. Simply enter keywords in the Search for field and press Go. You may select number of results to display on one page, Output format, Search mode (Match and What search for). The results are displayed in the window below.

To limit search by Tag or Category, enter restrictions into corresponding fields.

You may select different front-end to use in searching. To do so, select the desired front-end in Path to search.exe field.

It is possible to use several templates to display search results. In case multiple templates are used, every one of them is assigned an ID number. Press Templates button to add templates and assign unique ID number to each template.

Select ID of template to display search results with the Templatedrop-down menu.

If you use several templates, you may specify one of them to use with search.exe. Place the following code to where you would like the search form to be displayed:

      <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="q" VALUE="">
      <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Search!">
	<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="ntmpl" VALUE="1">

In the string

	<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="ntmpl" VALUE="1">

NAME is the name of the template and VALUE is its number. Insert the same string in the template you want to use with search.exe.

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