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Indexer tab

Use this tab to perform indexing and other operations with database, configure indexing options and view statistics.

Options group

If you leave Add config URL's unchecked, indexer will process only those links that are already in the database, as previously indexed. Even if you add or remove Servers, this will not affect indexing. To index new URL's you may have added to the Servers list, check this option.

Check Expired first to start indexing with expired documents.

Check Force reindex to index all documents irrelevant if they are expired or not.

Check Log file option and specify log file location to store indexer messages in a text file.

Check Index only option and limit number of URL's to be indexed. Leave this option unchecked if you wish to index the whole server.

You may specify Delay in seconds between indexing each document.

Select number of Threads to use when indexing documents. More threads may require higher bandwidth.

Filters group

Use these options to limit indexing according to any of the given parameters.

Filtering by status mean limiting indexing to URLs with specific HTTP status, i.e. the HTTP code returned by the server. 0 is for "not indexed", for other codes see Chapter 14., HTTP codes.

You may limit indexing by URL, to do so, enter the URL you wish to limit indexing to.

To limit indexing by Tag and Category, enter corresponding tag or category in the appropriate fields. Tag and Category can be assigned to a server, see the section called “Options tab in Server settings” for details on how to do so.

Indexing actions

In Log menu select messages to be displayed in the window below during indexing.

In Actions menu you may select one of the actions to perform. Select Index to index URL's you specified. Select Mark for reindex all to mark all the documents for reindexing irrelevant if they are expired or not.

To clear database entries, select Clear database option.

To perform selected action, press Start button. After the action has started, Start button changes to Stop button that you may press to stop the action anytime. To pause an action, press Pause button.


To view indexer statistics during indexing or after it is finished, press the Statistics button. The window below will display database statistics, including documents status, number of expired and indexed documents and comment, describing each status.

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