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Documents tab

In this tab you can specify which documents to index and which to ignore.

Please note that the higher a rule is in the list the more priority it is given.

Press Append button to add a new rule, i.e. assign additional file types to be indexed.

In Source definition window select command type: Disallow to exclude certain file types from indexing, Allow to include certain file types.

Use Check only to specify the file to be checked only for existence and not to be downloaded. Useful for zip, exe, arj and other binary files.

Use Href only to scan a HTML page for "href" tags but not to index the contents of the page with an URLs that match (don't match) given argument. When indexing large mail list archives for example, the index and thread index pages (like mail.10.html, thread.21.html, etc.) should be scanned for links but shouldn't be indexed:

Use Characters Case to select case insensitive or case sensitive comparison.

Specify whether document are to Match or do Not Match given arguments.

In expression type use Regex to choose regular expression comparison and String to choose string with wildcards comparison. Wildcards are '*' for any number of characters and '?' for one character. Note that '?' and '*' have special meaning in "String" match type. Please use "Regex" to describe documents with '?' and '*' signs in URL.

"String" match is much faster than "Regex". Use "String" where it is possible.

In Command string enter masks for files you wish to Allow/Disallow.

In case you wish to insert a command before the selected item and not on the top of the list, use Insert button instead of Append. Press Edit to edit selected command, Delete to delete it and Clear to delete all the entries from the list. With Up and Down arrow move the selected item up and down the list. You can always revert to default list by pressing the Default list button.


mnoGoSearch automatically adds one Allow regex .* command after reading config file. It means that allowed everything that is not disallowed.

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