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mnoGoSearch is a full-featured web search engine software for intranet and internet servers.

mnoGoSearch software has a number of unique features, which makes it appropriate for a wide range of applications from search within your site to specialized search systems such as cooking recipes or newspaper searches, ftp archive search, MP3 search, news articles search or even national-wide portal search engine.

Our search software consists of two parts. The first is an indexing mechanism (indexer). The purpose of the indexer is to walk through HTTP, FTP, NEWS servers or local files, recursively grabbing all the documents and storing words meta-data about those documents in a database in a smart and efficient manner.

After every document is referenced by its corresponding URL, meta-data, collected by the indexer is used later in the search process. Search is performed via Web interface using your favorite browser.

mnoGoSearch is distributed in several variations, depending on the features included.

mnoGoSearch (console version)

mnoGoSearch is a free software covered by the GNU General Public License. It consists of a command line indexer and a search program which can be run under Apache Web Server, or any other HTTP server supporting CGI interface. mnoGoSearch is distributed in sources and can be compiled with a number of databases, depending on user's choice. It is known to work on a wide variety of the modern operating systems including Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OSX, Solaris and others. Binary packages for a number of platforms are also available for download.

mnoGoSearch for Windows Lite

mnoGoSearch for Windows Lite can run on the Windows family operating systems and includes GUI interface in indexer. It is designed to work with small volumes of data up to 3000 documents. It stores data in a built-in database, so that no additional database software is needed.

mnoGoSearch for Windows Lite is a shareware available under terms of mnoGoSearch for Windows Licence Agreement.

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mnoGoSearch for Windows Pro

mnoGoSearch for Windows Pro is designed to handle large amount of data. It stores data in an SQL database using an ODBC driver. This version also features NT Service for scheduling indexing, as well as for remote administration.

mnoGoSearch for Windows Pro is a shareware available under terms of mnoGoSearch for Windows Licence Agreement.


It is available in three editions:

  • mnoGoSearch for Windows Pro Standard Edition can work with MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Mimer and Caché.

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  • mnoGoSearch for Windows Pro SQL Server Edition is a special version which can work with MS SQL Server.

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  • mnoGoSearch for Windows Pro Oracle Edition is a special version which can work with Oracle.

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mnoGoSearch PHP extension module

mnoGoSearch PHP extension module is an addon module which allows to access mnoGoSearch database from a PHP program, and thus makes it possible to write search applications using PHP language.

Starting from mnoGoSearch version 3.3.x, PHP extension module is included into the main source distribution.

mnoGoSearch PHP frontend

mnoGoSearch PHP fronend is a search application written in PHP which utilizes mnoGoSearch PHP extension module.

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