URL -- inserts URL into database



URL {url}


URL inserts the given URL into the database. This is useful when you need to add multiple start points (entry points) to the same server, for example, to index some separate area of your server which is not referenced from the other documents.

When inserting, indexer does not check the URL against the rules described by Allow / Disallow filters and Server / Realm commands. If the URL is disallowed by filters, or does not have a corresponding Server or Realm command, it will be deleted when indexer pulls this URL from the crawler queue.

The URL command has no effect if the given URL is already in the database.


# Define a server and an additional entry point:
Server http://localhost/
URL http://localhost/main/index.html

See also

FlushServerTable, Realm, Server, ServerTable, Subnet, UseSitemap.