I. mnoGoSearch command reference

Table of Contents
AddType -- associates file names or extensions with mime types
AddEncoding -- associates file names or extensions with encoding types
Affix -- loads an Ispell affix file
Alias -- associates master and mirror sites
AliasProg -- calls an external URL rewrite program
Allow --  allows to index the documents with the given URL pattern
AlwaysFoundWord -- defines a word that is treated as found in any document
AuthBasic -- defines user name and password for basic HTTP authorization
BrowserCharset -- defines browser character set
Cache (obsolete) -- defines whether to enable search result cache
CaseFolding -- chooses an alternative case mapping
Category -- binds a group of documents to a category
CheckMP3 -- checks for MP3 meta information
CheckMP3Only -- checks for MP3 meta information
CheckOnly -- checks if a document exists
CollectLinks -- defines whether to store links between documents, for popularity rank.
ComplexSynonyms -- defines whether to use phrase-to-word and phrase-to-phrase synonyms
CrawlDelay -- defines the number of seconds to wait between requests to the same server
CrawlerThreads -- sets the number of indexer threads started for crawling
CrossWords -- specifies whether to use crosswords
CustomLog --  enables logging to STDOUT using the given format
CVSIgnore -- defines whether to index internal CVS files
DateFactor -- gives lower score to old documents
DateFormat -- defines date format
DBAddr -- sets the database connection string
DefaultContentType -- defines default Content-Type
Dehyphenate -- enables searching for dehyphenated forms of compound words
DefaultLang -- defines default language
DetectClones -- enables or disables clone detection
Disallow -- disallows indexing defined URLs
DocMemCacheSize -- this command is obsolete
DocSizeWeight -- changes document size impact on the document score
DocTimeOut -- defines maximum amount of time spent to download a document
ExcerptSize -- defines maximal excerpt length
ExcerptStopword -- defines whether to highlight stopwords.
ExcerptPadding -- defines excerpt context length
FlushServerTable -- puts the server.active value in sync with indexer.conf
FollowSymLinks -- defines whether to dereference symlinks
ForceIISCharset1251 -- assume that Microsoft IIS servers return windows-1251 character set
GuesserUseMeta -- defines whether to use meta tags for character set detection
GroupBySite -- enables grouping search results by site
HlBeg -- defines left search results highlighting code
HlEnd -- defines right search results highlighting code
HoldBadHrefs -- defines period of time to keep bad documents in the database
HrefOnly -- scans matching documents for links only
HTDBAddr -- describes a connection string to a remote SQL data source
HTDBDoc -- describes a query to fetch a document content from an SQL source
HTDBLimit -- limits the amount of document IDs fetched in a single HTDBList query
HTDBList -- describes a query to fetch document list from an SQL data source
HTTPHeader -- adds a desired header into HTTP requests
IDFFactor -- changes the effect of inverse document frequency
ImportEnv -- imports an environment variable
Include -- includes additional configuration file
Index -- defines whether the document content should be indexed
IndexIf -- allows indexing documents whose section matches the given pattern
IndexTime --  Defines in the Last-Modified HTTP header should be processed for date detection
IspellUsePrefixes -- allows to use Ispell prefixes at search time
LangMapFile -- loads language map for character set and language guesser
LangMapUpdate -- activates updating of the loaded language maps
Limit -- describes a fast limit
LoadURLBasicInfo -- defines whether to load basic section values to display in search results
LoadChineseList -- loads a Chinese frequency dictionary
LoadTagInfo -- loads tag values to display in search results
LoadThaiList -- loads a Thai word frequency dictionary
LoadURLInfo -- loads extended section values to display in search results
LocalCharset -- defines local character set
Locale -- sets a desired locale
Log2Stderr -- Defines whether to print messages to STDERR
LogLevel -- sets verbosity level
MaxDocSize -- defines maximal document size
MaxDocPerSite -- defines maximal document number to pick up from every site
MaxHops -- defines maximal way in "mouse clicks"
MaxNetErrors -- defines maximal network errors
MaxWordLength -- defines maximal word length
Mime -- defines external parser for given mime-type
MinCoordFactor -- gives more score to documents having query words closer to the beginning
MinWordLength -- defines minimal word length
MirrorHeadersRoot -- defines root directory for mirrored document headers
MirrorPeriod -- defines fresh period for mirrored files
MirrorRoot -- defines root directory for mirrored documents
NetErrorDelayTime -- defines document processing delay
NewsExtensions -- enables news extensions
NoIndexIf -- disallows indexing documents having a section matching a pattern.
NumSections -- tells the number of sections configured in indexer.conf
NumDistinctWordFactor -- gives more score to documents having more distinct words
NumWordFactor -- gives more score to documents having more found words
PagesPerScreen --  defines the number of search result page links.
ParserTimeOut -- defines maximum allowed parser execution time
Period -- defines reindex period
PopRankFeedBack -- uses sites weights when calculating Popularity Rank
PopRankShowCntRatio -- defines PopRankUseShowCnt threshold
PopRankShowCntWeight -- defines PopRankUseShowCnt strength
PopRankSkipSameSite -- skips links from same site
PopRankUseShowCnt -- PopRankUseShowCnt
PopRankUseTracking -- defines if a site appearing in search results oftener gets higher Popularity Rank weight
Proxy -- defines HTTP proxy address
ProxyAuthBasic -- defines HTTP proxy user name and password
R0 - R9 -- sets random number range
ReadTimeOut -- defines stalled connections timeout
Realm -- describes Web-space for indexing, using regex/wild patterns
RemoteCharset -- defines default character set for Server or Ream
RemoteFileNameCharset -- defines default character set of file and directory names
ReplaceVar -- creates or modifies a variable
ResultContentType -- specifies the Content-Type header produced by search.cgi
ResultsLimit -- sets the maximum number of results displayed
ReverseAlias -- rewrites URL before inserting to the database
Robots -- defines whether to use robots.txt
SaveSectionSize -- defines whether to store section sizes for better relevancy quality
Section -- defines a document section
Server -- describes Web-space for indexing
ServerTable -- loads servers to index from the database
ServerWeight -- defines server weight for Popularity Rank calculation
Skip -- skips visiting the documents with URL matching the given pattern
SkipIf -- skip revisiting the documents with a section matching the given pattern
Spell -- loads an Ispell dictionary file
SQLWordForms -- loads synonyms or word forms from the database
StartHops -- defines Hops value for start URLs
StopwordFile -- loads stopwords file
StrictModeThreshold -- threshold to switch to a less strict search mode
StripAccents -- converts letters to their non-accented counterparts
Subnet -- Subnet
SubstringMatchMinWordLength -- defines minimal word length allowed for substring match
Suggest -- Display misspelled search word suggestions
Synonym -- loads a synonym list from a file
SyslogFacility -- sets syslog facility
Tag -- assigns a generic grouping tag to a set of documents
URL -- inserts URL into database
UserCacheQuery -- stores a search result to the database using a user-defined SQL query
URLDataThreshold -- improves search performance for queries returning a small number of results
URLSelectCacheSize -- sets URL cache size for indexer
URLSelectSkipLock -- defines whether to skip locking URLs when fetching crawling targets from the database
UseCookie -- defines whether to use per-session cookies during indexing
UseLocalCachedCopy -- whether to use the original document as a source for excerpts and Cached Copy
UseCRC32URLId -- defines whether to use CRC32 for URL ID generation
UseNumericOperators -- defines whether to interpret numeric operators in a search query
UseRangeOperators -- defines whether to recognize range operators in a search query
UseRemoteContentType -- specifies whether to trust the Content-Type HTTP header from the remote servers
UserOrder -- specifies an SQL query for user defined ordering
UseSitemap -- defines whether to use Sitemap Protocol when crawling
UserScore -- specifies an SQL query to calculate user defined score for desired documents.
UserSiteScore -- specifies an SQL query to calculate user defined score for certain sites.
UserScoreFactor -- sets the effect of the UserScore command
VarDir -- defines mnoGoSearch working directory
VaryLang -- defines languages for multilingual indexing
wf -- sets the default weights for different document parts
WordCacheSize -- defines maximum allowed in-memory words cache size
WordDensityFactor -- gives more score to documents having higher word density
WordFormFactor -- gives more score to the original query word form (as opposite to Synonym or Ispell fuzzy forms)
WordDistanceWeight -- changes word distance impact on the document score