CheckMP3 -- checks for MP3 meta information



CheckMP3 [Match | NoMatch] [Case | NoCase] [String | Regex] {pattern...}


The meaning of the first three optional parameters is exactly the same as in the Allow command.

When processing a document with the URL matching pattern, indexer downloads only a little part of the document and tries to find MP3 tags in it. On success, indexer parses MP3 tags, otherwise it downloads the rest of the document and parses it as usual, according to the Content-Type HTTP response header.

Note: CheckMP3 works only with servers supporting HTTP/1.1 protocol. It uses the "Range: bytes" HTTP request header to download MP3 tags.

Indexing MP3 files is explained in details in the Section called Creating an MP3 search engine in Chapter 6.


CheckMP3 takes global effect for the entire configuration file and can be used multiple times.


CheckMP3 *.bin *.mp3

See also

Allow, Disallow, CheckMP3Only, CheckOnly, HrefOnly, Skip, SkipIf.