Alias -- associates master and mirror sites




Alias [Prefix | Regex] [Case | NoCase] {master} {mirror}


The first two optional parameters specify comparison and susbstitution types. The default type is Prefix and Case (case insensitive prefix match).

Alias in indexer.conf

Alias can be used to organize search through a master site by indexing its mirror.

It is also useful to index your own site directly from the local file system, to avoid invoking HTTP server into indexing process and thus offload the server.

Note: Direct indexing from the local file system works mostly in case of a static site. If your site has many dynamic documents, such as CGI scripts or PHP programs, indexing from the file system may not work as expected.

If an Alias command is specified for some site only in indexer.conf, URL substitution is done by indexer just before downloading a document, while search.cgi will display document addresses in the master site URL notation in search results.

Alias in search.htm

If an Alias command is specified only in search.htm, URL substitution is done by search.cgi when displaying search results, so the user will see addresses in the mirror site URL notation, while indexer will download the documents from the master site at indexing time.


Alias takes global effect for the entire configuration file and can be used multiple times.


Alias  file:///usr/local/apache/htdocs/
Alias regex (http://www\.)(.*)(\.yourname\.com/)(.*)  file:///home/$2/htdocs/$4

See also

AliasProg, Realm, ReverseAlias, the Section called Aliases in Chapter 3.