Using libmnogosearch library

Starting from version 3.0.7, libmnogosearch is available for use in third party applications. You can easily add a search feature into your own application using the library and include files installed in /lib and /include mnoGoSearch's directories. Each application which uses libmnogosearch must include udmsearch.h header file.

udm-config script

When compiled with one of the supported SQL back-end, libmnogosearch requires some dependent libraries, for example libmysqlclient. You can find the udm-config script in the /bin directory of mnoGoSearch's installation. This script helps taking required dependencies into account. The udm-config script can take several options in it's command line. By default udm-config outputs all available options:

Usage: ./udm-config [OPTIONS]

When executed with --libs command line option, udm-config outputs everything needed to libmnogosearch linker flags, for example:

# ./udm-config --libs
-lm -L/usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql -lmysqlclient \
-L/usr/local/udmsearch/lib -lmnogosearch

So you may insert udm-config --libs into the CC compiler command line:

cc myprog.c -o myprog `udm-config --libs`

mnoGoSearch API

There is no detailed description of the mnoGoSearch API yet. This is because the API is currently under rapid development and may undergo major changes from version to version. You may use search.c as an example of application which uses libmnogosearch library.