Database schema

The complete database schema used by mnoGoSearch is defined in the appropriate SQL-scripts for database creation located under the create subdirectory.

Table 9-1. server table schema

rec_idUnique record identifier.
enabledA flag to enable/disable the record for the indexer.
urlURL or pattern.
tagTag value.
categoryCategories table rec_id.

=S - this record is a server.

=F - this record is a filter.

ordreSorting key, defines records order for server table loading.
parentIf not null, this record is added automatically by indexer and the url field contains a server name accepted in a record pointed by this filed value.
weightThis record weight for PopRank calculation.
pop_weightOne link weight from pages of this server. Calculated automatically. Manual change will have no effect.

Other server's parameters are stored in the srvinfo table. The possible values for several of these parameters are given in the table below.

Table 9-2. Several server parameters values in srvinfo table

sname valuePossible sval values.
AliasAlias used for url.
PeriodReindex period in seconds.
RemoteCharsetDefault charset value.
DefaultLangDefault language value.
Request.AuthorizationFor basic authorization.
Request.ProxyProxy server to access documents from this resource.
Request.Proxy-AuthorizationProxy server authorization.
MaxHopsMaximum depth of the path in "mouse" clicks from the start url.
IndexA flag to enable/disable documents indexing.

=0, "page"

=1, "path"

=2, "site"

=3, "world"

RobotsA flag to enable/disable robots.txt file use.
ClonesA flag to enable/disable "clones" detection.
MaxNetErrorsMaximum network errors for this server.
NetErrorDelayTimeIndexing delay time if a network error occurs.
ReadTimeOutNetwork timeout value.

=0, UDM_MATCH_FULL - full coincidence.

=1, UDM_MATCH_BEGIN - pattern is a URL prefix.

=2, UDM_MATCH_SUBSTR - pattern is a URL substring.

=3, UDM_MATCH_END - pattern is a URL suffix.

=4, UDM_MATCH_REGEX - pattern is a regular expression.

=5, UDM_MATCH_WILD - pattern is a wildcards pattern (* and ? wildcards may be used) .

=6, UDM_MATCH_SUBNET - < not yet supported >.


=1, - case insensitive comparison.

=0, - case sensitive comparison.


=1, - URLs not matching this record are accepted.

=0, - URLs matching this record are accepted.