Suggest -- Display misspelled search word suggestions



Suggest {yes | no}


Use this command to activate generating misspelled search word suggessions. Whenever a search query does not return any results, search.cgi looks into the query and checks every not found word if it can be replaced by another similar word to make the query return some results. Suggestion generator uses word statistics taking in account the word occurrences in the database and proximity between the original and the suggested word. If a suggestion is found, mnoGoSearch will display a "Did you mean: (suggested query)?" link. You can follow the link and see search results for the suggested query.

In order to start using missplelled word suggestions, you need to create word statistics once, using "indexer -Ewordstat". You can also periodically recreate word statistics using "indexer -Ewordstat", especially after bulk indexing.

This feature currently works for the languages using Latin script, and does not work for other scripts, e.g. Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, etc. Suggestions for non-Latin scripts will be added in the future releases.


Suggest yes