Server -- describes web-space you want to index



Server [Method] [Subsection] {URL} [alias]


This is the main command of the indexer.conf file. It's used to describe web-space you want to index. It also inserts given URL into database to use it as a start point. You may use "Server" command as many times as a number of different servers or their parts you want to index.

"Method" is an optional parameter which can take on of the following values: Allow, Disallow, CheckOnly, HrefOnly, CheckMP3, CheckMP3Only, Skip.

"Subsection" is an optional parameter to specify server's subsection, i.e. a part of Server command argument.

It can take the following values: "page" describes web space which consists of one page with address URL. "path" describes all documents which are under the same path with URL. "site" describes all documents from the same host with URL. "world" means "any document". "urllist" works almost like "page" but also allows to follow from the URL given in the current "Server urllist" command to some URL corresponding to a "Realm site" command even if the two URLs belong to the different sites.

Default value is "path".


# To index whole server "localhost":
Server http://localhost/
# You can also specify some path to index subdirectory only:
Server http://localhost/subdir/
# To specify the only one page:
Server page http://localhost/path/main.html
# To index whole server but giving non-root page as a start point:
Server site http://localhost/path/main.html
# You can also specify optional parameter "alias". This example will
# index server "" directly from disk instead of
# fetching from HTTP server:
Server  /home/httpd/