ReplaceVar -- creates or modifies a variable

indexer.conf search.htm


ReplaceVar {name} {value}

Creates a variable with the given name and value, for further use in any other indexer.conf or search.htm commands, or as a search.htm template variable. If the variable has previously been created with another ReplaceVar or ImportEnv command, then its value is replaced. The "value" parameter can reference to other variables previously created by ReplaceVar or ImportEnv commands.

Variables created using ReplaceVar are considered to have the character set, speicified in LocalCharset. When displaying search template, they are converted to BrowserCharset.


ReplaceVar etcdir "/usr/local/mnogosearch/etc/"
Include $etcdir/include1.conf
Include $etcdir/include2.conf

See also

ImportEnv, Include, the Section called SET operator in Chapter 8.